Susan Bradt, MD

family-to-family-9036-LI am honored by the role my patients allow me to play in helping bring health and healing into their lives.  I hold a Medical Doctorate from the University of South Florida College of Medicine and am board-certified in Family Practice as well as Integrative Holistic Medicine.  I have additional training in functional medicine and nutrition.

My interest in integrative and holistic medicine stems from my innate trust that our bodies generally have an amazing ability to heal themselves if they are given the support they need. More importantly, we can lead healthier, longer, happier lives if we are able to optimize our wellness and prevent diseases from emerging.

I truly enjoy the primary care of adults, children and families.  While I serve as a primary care physician, I take a holistic approach and emphasize overall wellness through nutrition and preventive care.  Some of my specific passions beyond holistic primary care include:

  • The care of young families who share a vision of raising health conscious children whose bodies are supported by ideal nutrition, conscious vaccine choices and judicious use of medications.
  • Holistic treatment for women’s health issues and gynecologic concerns.
  • Integrative management of chronic health conditions, especially where standard western medicine falls short of healing.

When working with patients or families dealing with a chronic or complicated health condition, I take an integrated approach by using the knowledge and tools of western and holistic medicine.  I listen to my patients’ stories in order to gain a complete understanding of what might be happening physically, emotionally, spiritually and biochemically .  By reviewing the medical history and using conventional testing, cutting-edge integrative diagnostic tests and careful listening, clear issues and patterns emerge. I then work with my patients to formulate an individualized plan for strengthening and supporting their systems and addressing specific medical conditions. Care plans may include nutritional recommendations, lifestyle choices, alternative therapy modalities, counseling, supplements, herbal medicine and pharmaceutical medications when appropriate. I work as a partner in helping patients reach the goals they set in achieving their potential for wellness.

In addition to my role as a family doctor, I am the mother of two wonderful children.  I love spending time with my daughter and son, kayaking, paddle boarding, hiking and camping.  I also do a little homesteading, raising chickens, goats and keeping bees.