Interview with Dr. Patrick Hanaway

Patrick Hanaway, MD, well-respected thought leader in Integrative Holistic Medicine around the world, is interviewed by  Clinical Nutritionist, Josh Gitalis.

Dr. Hanaway brought forth many innovations in functional medicine testing while director at Genova Diagnostics.

While he retired from that position in Spring 2012,  Patrick continues to improve healthcare and medical education as Curriculum Director for the Institute of Functional Medicine.

We are also pleased that he has returned to clinical practice part-time at Family to Family offering integrative medicine consultations as well as traditional shamanic healing.

Key points discussed in this 38 minute interview include:

  • The single most important factor affecting digestion
  • Which diet is the best for digestive health How “evidence” is used to make clinical decisions
  • What professional athletes and people who live in long-term care facilities have in common
  • The best time to take probiotics

And much more!


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