Huichol Healing

With Lisa Lichtig and Patrick Hanaway

Traditional Healing

As Mara’akate or medicine people trained and initiated in the Huichol shamanic tradition we offer traditional healing and counsel to people who long for reconnection, balance and alleviation of suffering in their lives. These approaches can be helpful when the root cause of illness goes beyond the body and requires a deeper awareness of meaning, purpose, emotions, and spiritual connections. These traditional healing approaches can be of benefit and accessible to people of ALL faiths, religions and belief systems.  We also work with rituals and ceremonies that guide community to reconnect with the living, singing world.


Traditional shamanic healing sets things into motion to bring about balance. Traditional shamanic healing connects us to the sacredness of our lives and the world we live in.


To Schedule a Healing Session: Please call or email us at our home office.   We do not offer physician services during traditional healing sessions. If you have a specific medical need that you would like addressed, please schedule a separate appointment at Family to Family.

[email protected], (828)713-1553.


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Before seeing Lisa please read and fill out the following:

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What is traditional  healing?

The term ‘shaman’ can easily be over-used and misunderstood. We hear about tea shamans, food shamans, and those who treat people using shamanic tools after taking a weekend workshop! It is no wonder that some look upon this designation with skepticism and concern.

There are obviously many different spiritual healing approaches available nowadays. We carry medicine rooted in shamanic tradition which requires a ‘calling’, as well as a teacher, apprenticeship, intact ancestral tradition, initiation, and community.

This type of healing work is potent and powerful.

Guided by the laws of and relationship with nature as a Divine expression and force, shamanism is an ancient healing tradition and way of life.

You might say it is offers a perspective that we are spiritual beings having a human experience and that this world is made of many spiritual beings in various forms such as plants, animals, rocks, clouds all interacting and influencing each other.

From this perspective, we can learn to inhabit life with balance and walk the earth humbly with gentleness and respect, honesty and love for all beings and situations.

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Who can benefit from traditional healing?

Just about anyone, but it is particularly beneficial for those who feel stuck or disconnected in their lives.

There are times in which particular experiences, memories and traumas can prevent other healing modalities or medicine from being effective. These indicators point to the potential benefit of shamanic healing.

It can help set things into motion to bring about balance as well as address deep underlying imbalances and challenging situations.

What happens in a traditional healing session ?

Preparation and a special setting help optimize the conditions for healing.

Healing sessions are scheduled for one hour but we encourage you to leave more time in your schedule so you can slow down.

Sometimes there is talking, other times silence. Counsel or guidance may be offered. Special feathers and other tools may  be used as a part of the healing process.  There may be simple assignments to get things moving.

The nature of the interaction is a bit mysterious and clarified through the healer listening and connecting with the divine forces that are present.

LocationCouncil House Sunset doorway

Ideally, a healing session takes place around consecrated fire.

Typically, we see people for this type of healing work at our home hearth, 20 minutes north of Asheville surrounded by nature. Other arrangements can be made upon request.


  • Healing sessions are $125 and the initial session is $225, unless other arrangements are made. Payment is expected at the time of service by cash or check.


Follow up treatments are determined individually and are clarified in person.


Patrick’s trainingIMG_BDC Patrick petitioning Gods

After a ‘Heart Connecting’ Vision Quest in 2002, I was invited to learn the healing traditions and pilgrimage path of the Huichol people of the Western Sierra Madres in Central Mexico through the lineage of my teacher, Waviekame Eliot Cowan.

In 2009, I was initiated as a Mara‘akame (shaman) in the Huichol tradition through the elder oversight of Tsaurirrikame (elder shaman) Don Jose Sandoval and later inducted into the Sacred Fire Healing Ministry


Lisa’s training

In 1998, I began training in Plant Spirit Medicine as a student of Eliot Cowan.  Training included aspects of Classical Five Element Chinese Medicine, Plant Spirit Medicine healing approaches, plant studies and spiritual work building relationships with Plant Spirits. I completed the training in 1999 and was subsequently inducted into the Temple of Sacred Fire Healing as a Plant Spirit Medicine Healer.

In In 2000, I was called to begin a long and rigorous shamanic apprenticeship in the Huichol lineage under the guidance of Tsaurririkame (elder shaman) , Eliot Cowan.  Lisa Bio - mainIn 2014, I became initiated as a Mara’akame (traditional medicine person or shaman) in the Huichol Tradition in a ritual led by Attending Shaman, Don Jose Sandoval at La Laguna in Santa Maria Del Oro, Nayarit, Mexico.

In September 2015, I was inducted into the Sacred Fire Healing Ministry and authorized by the Temple of Sacred Fire to work as a Mara’akame.  This means that I have assumed the responsibilities of a tradition holder of this lineage for the benefit of helping others.


Licensure and Affiliation

While we are trained and licensed medical doctors, we offer additional traditional healing services outside of our licensure as physicians.  As initiated Mara’akate (traditional healers or shamans), we are trained through the Blue Deer Seminary, initiated in the traditional ways, and authorized through the Temple of Sacred Fire Healing to offer shamanic healing, spiritual counsel, life transition ceremonies and rituals, spiritual community service and teaching within a strict code of standards and ethics outlined by the Seminary.

The Temple of Sacred Fire Healing is dedicated to preserving and offering traditional medicine ways. They seek to train, initiate and induct a line of lay spiritual healers and clerics who are deeply rooted in tradition and embody spiritual and personal values necessary to preserve and offer Sacred Fire healing for this and generations to come.

Our promise is to maintain the highest regard for spiritual integrity, accountability and respect for the Huichol tradition and teachings. Ethical conduct is paramount to this path which promotes and maintains balance.

  • We foster a living conversation with the Natural World as an Eternally Divine manifestation.
  • We offer healing, counsel and leadership from the place of that conversation.
  • We attend to and maintain correct relationship with community.
  • We recognize the importance of respectful, humane relationships and understand being a Mara’akame is a life long commitment to offer a ministry that serves the needs of community.

We look forward to serving you