Free Functional Medicine Resources for COVID-19

Dr. Patrick Hanaway has been leading a task force of physician educators to create grounded information for the public.  After recovering from Stage IV laryngeal cancer in 2019, Patrick is back at work devoted to helping others.  This time with more life balance yet no less passion, thoroughness, care or generosity.  May these links be of benefit to you, your family and physician.

  • FREE COVID-19 Functional Medicine Resources – Robust tools and links for you and your doctor offered by the Institute for Functional Medicine’s  COVID-19 task force, led by Dr. Hanaway.
  • Responsibility and Change – A letter  from Amy Mack, CEO for the Institute for Functional Medicine.




  • Maintaining the Gut Terrain – Dr. Hanaway discuss gut health in light of COVID-19 with host, Deanna Minich, PhD on this Facebook Live presentation through Metagenics Institute.



  • Covid Shield – Cynthia Li, MD shares perspective and guidance on both our “inner” shield and “outer” shield in this downloadable booklet.


Note: Dr. Hanaway and Family to Family  DO NOT profit from sales from these organizations.