Heart of Birth & Parenting Consultations

In 2015, Dr. Lichtig retired from offering prenatal care and attending births after 27 years of experience caring for pregnant women and families birthing at home and in the hospital.  Dr. Lisa, as she is fondly referred to,  still guides and supports families through the experience of pregnancy and birth and into parenthood;  honoring and supporting the changes and growth that occur for pregnant women, their partners and their families.  She now offers heart of birth and parenting consultations,  post-partum guidance, and holistic newborn and pediatric care, facilitating a gentle transition into parenthood. These consultations can augment a women’s regular prenatal care she may be receiving from a doctor or midwife.

Holistic Pregnancy and Pediatric Care

This service is offered at the office or in your home depending on your needs. She helps families  navigate the medical system and make crucial decisions during pregnancy,  prepare for birth and ensure that during the  first two months post partum mothers and babies receive the kind of support that is needed to navigate this special time.

Given Family to Family does not accept Medicaid, we offer a 30% discount off Dr. Lichtig’s hourly rate to pregnant and post-partum women (up to 2 months after birthing) and infants through 1 yr of age who have medicaid and are looking for Heart of Birth and Parenting consultations and home visits to augment their care. Contact our office for more information about these services.  

Ada Heart Tones

“It is with joy that I bring you Heart of Birth and Parenting Consultations and Coaching; respecting and working with the natural unfolding of pregnancy and birth. I value building authentic relationships that are grounded in deep listening, education and options.

I BELIEVE BIRTH IS HOLY. Pregnancy, birth and parenting are natural expressions of life and who we are.  This experience is an opportunity for transformation.  I help women and their partners remember this or discover it for the first time.”    Lisa Lichtig, MD