Here are videos links to wisdom perspectives from Elders.  May they support your journey of healing and help you navigate being human.

Life Stages –  Lifeways Webcast

Wanbdi Wakita at Voices of Wisdom – Asheville 2017

Onaubinisay (Jim Dumont):  Keynote address at 2018 Parliament of the Worlds Religions. He reflects on Creation, the nature of spirt and our role in appreciating and living this beautiful life.  Take time to sync in and listen to the very previous & potent teaching that is ancient and relevant today.

Don David Wiley:  Wisdom and Practical Guidance for Times of Tremendous Change.

Tom Porter – Acceptance speech and good stories – Wisdom Fellowship Award 2019

Ilarion Merculieff – Listen to his full acceptance speech – Wisdom Fellowship Award 2017

Wisdom Weavers:Talking Circle with Ilarion Merculieff and Susanne Swibold

Marcos Terena about the Wisdom Fellowship award

Weaving Wisdom at Kusi Kawsay

A Sacred View – Elders from Ancient Wisdom Rising 2015

Waviekame (Eliot Cowan) : Little vignettes and teachings from Eliot: Tsurriakame (elder shaman) in the Huichol Tradition, Plant Spirit Medicine healer & teacher, Founder of Blue Deer Center – one of our mentors, teachers and dear friend.

Resolving Conflict

Blue Deer Center

In the Home of our Ancestors

Sacred Animal Totems

Sacred Animal Totems – What is Totem Class?

Plant Spirit Medicine