Holistic Pediatrics

We are here to inspire parents to discover and develop the practical wisdom of parenting and help children blossom with balance and wholeness.

newborn-and-pediatricsFamily to Family offers functional medicine and holistic pediatric care for your child from the first days of life through infancy, adolescence and emerging adulthood.   Board certified in family medicine as well as integrative holistic medicine and functional medicine, our physicians provide consultations ranging from newborn and infant holistic wellness care  to in-depth integrative consultations on specific health concerns. We also help parents navigate decisions regarding childhood immunizations.

We still advise that you establish with a primary care physician with whom you can use your insurance benefits for routine exams and who offer urgent care and after hours as we do not provide those services.


Your child receives the best that medicine has to offer with a physician well trained in western medicine and skilled in the art of integrative, functional medicine.  Our physicians relate to your children respectfully, putting them at ease and making their visit as fun and enjoyable as possible. Our approach is not one-size-fits-all, and we take time with you, your child and your family to assess a variety of factors such as environmental, relational, nutritional, emotional and physiological.

The parents in our practice are just as important as the children. We work with families and create treatment plans that are both effective and manageable. We provide guidance and education on holistic parenting topics from cloth diapering to whole foods nutrition to herbal remedies for illness. We take your concerns about your child’s health and wellness seriously and provide direction and support through uncharted territory to support the health and vitality of your child. With the growing trends of chronic illnesses such as allergies, autism, learning and behavioral disorders in combination with the world that is growing out of balance, an integrative holistic approach to caring for your child is essential.

Highlights of our unique style:

  • Children in Waiting areaA warm and playful atmosphere that leaves your children with a positive association with a doctor.
  • Guidance on safe and effective use of herbal medicine and nutritional supplements.
  • Nutritional and parenting counseling and advice.
  • Grounded discussions on vaccinations.
  • Support of each family’s choices regarding vaccinations.
  • Functional lab testing is available (nutritional testing, food allergy, digestive).
  • Focus on strengthening the immune system and encouraging the body to heal, thereby typically avoiding pharmaceuticals for illnesses.

You are the bows from which your children, as living arrows, are sent forth.
–Kahlil Gibran