For your convenience, we have listed several resources that our physician team draws upon in their practices and are affiliated with. These weblinks, books and films are offered to further your learning and exploration. We’ve also provided you with local resources and groups to support your ongoing health and wellness.

Wellness in Medicine

HeartMath – A brilliant program for stress reduction that our doctors can support you in.
Learn GDX – A great place to learn about integrative and functional medicine testing.
Environmental Working Group – A reputable organization providing information on food pesticides, cell phones (EMF), the safest sunscreens and more.
Local Lead Safety Organization – Information on where lead hides and contact information for in home testing.
The New Medicine – This PBS documentary explores the burgeoning movement of integrating the best of high-tech medicine while recognizing the whole person.
Escape Fire – A revolutionary documentary that acknowledges the broken healthcare system in the US, and what we can do about it.

Food and Nutrition

Local Food Guide – Tailgate markets, CSA’s, u-pick farms, restaurants, etc
National Food Guide – Go local, wherever you are!
The Dirty Dozen – Learn which foods are most important to buy organic
Whole foods nutrition and recipes – Over 100 quick and easy whole foods recipes!
Forks Over Knives – Watch this inspiring documentary about preventing and reversing disease with a whole food plant-based diet.


American Board of Integrative Holistic Medicine – Credentialing body for board certification and professional standards in Integrative Holistic Medicine.
American Holistic Medical Association
The Institute for Functional Medicine – A paradigm of medicine that addresses the underlying causes of disease and engages the patient and practitioner in a therapeutic relationship.
Cranial Academy of the American Academy of Osteopathy – Information on Cranial Osteopathy, established by the students of Dr. William Southerland.
Asheville Natural Wellness – Local resource of highly credentialed health professionals and descriptions of various modalities of healing.
National Center for Complementary and Alternative Medicine
CranialSacral Asheville – Cranial Sacral therapy, Emotional Stress Release, & Holistic Bodywork by Grace Wormwood

Healing for the Spirit

Blue Deer Center – A healing retreat in the Catskills of New York. A place for renewal.
Sacred Fire Foundation – A non-profit dedicated to preserving and connecting people to ancient wisdom traditions.
Plant Spirit Medicine – A powerful modality of healing offered by Dr. Lisa and others in our local area.
Heard Around the Fire – This book shares wisdom teachings from Grandfather Fire.

Pregnancy Resources

MAHEC Family Residency Program – For many years, family practice doctors from this local residency program learned a more holistic and family centered approach to pregnancy care by spending time at FTF and Dr. Lisa.  We are hopeful that they are carrying on  this style of care.
Online childbirth information – Childbirth 101
Mercury Levels in Fish – Important information for healthy eating during pregnancy and beyond.
Dental Care and Pregnancy – What dental care is safe during pregnancy?
Kimberly Rush Mothering Support Service – Kimberly Rush offers home breastfeeding consultations, breast pump rentals, breastfeeding supplies, classes, support groups, and latch clinics and is a International Board Certified Lactation Consultant. Insurance accepted.

Recommended Books:

Birthing From Within – We highly recommend this book for all  pregnant mothers. “Birthing From Within gave us a chance to deeply and authentically explore our pre-conceived notions, fears, hopes and dreams about birth and new parenthood.”
Ina May’s Guide to Childbirth – Another highly recommended guide written by leading midwife, Ina May.
Birth Reborn – A classic by French OB, Michel Odent.
Welcoming Spirit Home – Ancient African Teachings to Celebrate Children and Community
Calms – A Guide to Soothing your Baby
Loving Hands: The Traditional Art of Baby Massage – An obstetrician shares the wisdom of baby massage, includes photography from India and technique instructions.

Recommended Videos:

Birth As We Know It – Available to watch at Family to Family, this film explores the transformative power of birth.
Waterbirth in the 21st century – Available to watch at Family to Family, beautiful footage of waterbirth.
Baby-led Breastfeeding – Available to watch at Family to Family, this is a teaching film, showing us that babies are born with the innate knowledge of how to breastfeed and how we can support this natural process.
The Happiest Baby on the Block – Available to watch at Family to Family, this film is a must-see for all parents.
Family Friendly Cesarean video – In the case that a cesarean birth was truly medically indicated, we are committed to creating as “family friendly” an environment as possible. Check out what we mean in this video.
 Mission Hospital’s Mother/Baby and Labor and Delivery Department’s video describing the birth process at their hospital.


Postpartum and Breastfeeding

MAMA Time group – Mothers of Asheville Mothering all Together is a supportive group of Mothers who meet once a week for sixteen weeks during the postpartum time.
Online Postpartum Support – Online postpartum support – Log-on and get connected to Mothers all over the world who can relate to what you are experiencing!
The Breastfeeding Center and Boutique – Professional lactation consultants in Asheville, NC are available to new moms needing extra breastfeeding support. Get set up at the boutique with a wide selection breastfeeding bras, baby carriers and more.
La Leche League Oversupply Article – Tips on how to know if you are making an oversupply of milk and what to do about it.
Dr. Jack Newman Breastfeeding Online – Articles on items from improving milk supply to mastitis to thrush.

Newborn and Pediatrics

Solid food introduction – Recipes and articles as well as information on baby-led weaning.
Baby-led Feeding – Information on breastfeeding and making the transition to solid foods.
Dr Sears – A pioneer holistic family physician, and the author of The Vaccine Book: Making the Right Decision for Your Child.
Dr. Greene – Dr. Green is a holistic pediatrician, check out the wealth of information and articles on his website.
Don’t Label My Child –  An informative book by Dr. Scott Shannon, breaking the “doctor-diagnosis-drug” cycle.

Local Parenting Resources

Macaroni Kid Asheville – A website devoted to providing current info on local happenings appropriate for kids and families.
CDC Travelers Health – Interactive guide for information on travel destinations and current communicable diseases and vaccine recommendations
Nest Organics – Organic, environmentally sustainable products for babies, children and the home
The Littlest Birds – Natural baby store with cloth diapers, clothing, toys
Gentle Touch – Emma Miller shares a variety of resources to nurture the parent-child bond.

Autism Support

Preventing Autism – An informative book by Dr. Jay Gordon about safeguarding the neurological health of your child.
What Your Doctor May Not Tell you about Vaccines – Dr. Stephanie Cave explains the pros and cons, providing information to help parents make a knowledgeable, responsible choice about vaccinating their children.
Horse Boy – A documentary that shares the story of an autistic boy and his parents as they journey through Mongolia and meet with traditional healers.

Aging with Grace

Five Wishes – A guide to aging with dignity.
Center for End of Life Transitions – Offers assistance, comfort and support.
The Peaceful Dying Project – Prema Sheerin offers invaluable support and guidance while assisting others in honoring this sacred passage.

Remember: Even good websites can have information that is outdated, inaccurate, or just doesn’t apply in your situation. Never substitute internet for your own judgement, or advice from your healthcare professional.