"Hi Dr. Susan!

I just wanted to thank you again for your timely and comprehensive response to my concern regarding my daughter's issues. It was such a gift to hear a calm, knowledgeable, and kind voice during my worried moment. We followed your advice and she has been fine.

Your generosity and service to our community do not go unnoticed! We are immensely blessed to have you as our pediatrician. Please do not feel the need to take time from your busy day to respond to this message. I hope your week gracefully flows with gentleness and ease!"

In joy,

Michelle Carter

A senior man and wife deeply in love.  She is upset and he is comforting her.

 Living Well, Dying with Dignity: Conscious Planning for End of Life Choices

Our mission at Family to Family is to serve your health needs in a holistic and comprehensive manner.    In addition to integrative office visits, we offer educational opportunities about valuable topics and we also strive to connect you with community resources. To this end, on Saturday, March 12th, from 2-5pm, Dr. Mark Hoch and his wife […]

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Natural Ways To Prevent and Treat Influenza

by Mark Hoch, M.D. Let’s look at natural ways to prevent and treat influenza and viral respiratory infections. Prevention: To keep your immune system strong eat a healthy diet, get regular exercise, proper rest with some relaxation time every day and adequate sleep (most people need about 8 hours). Organic, local, fresh food is optimal […]

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Blossoming in Functional Medicine

By Lisa Lichtig, M.D.   –   Functional Medicine is uniquely suited to address many of the primary drivers of chronic illness including  the complex daily interactions among an individual’s genetics, environment, and lifestyle choices. This approach is systems-based, integrative, and patient-centered. Functional medicine makes listening to the patient a priority.  This approach helps clinicians understand where […]

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