I love this office. It is a beautiful space with real human beings working in the office. My doctor is wise and gives me great advise about diet, herbs and medicine.

Carol, adult patient

Woman with a flu or an allergy

Seasonal Allergies got you down? Try these tips for natural relief…

by Susan Bradt, M.D. – Spring and summer are a beautiful time here in the mountains to enjoy hikes, picnics in the park and soak up the sunshine. If you suffer from allergies though, the season can also come with sniffling, congestion, puffy eyes, sinus pain and sometimes a general state of fatigue and misery. […]

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little girl in bed witch stomackache

What To Do For The Stomach Flu

By Susan Bradt, M.D. Acute gastroenteritis (AKA the stomach flu or stomach bug) is a very common infection in childhood. It is most typically caused by a contagious virus and can result in diarrhea alone or vomiting plus diarrhea. The symptoms can last anywhere from 24 hrs to longer than 2 weeks and the symptoms […]

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Patrick video clip

The Omics Revolution

This is a fascinating video clip featuring our very own Dr. Patrick Hanaway.  Dr. Hanaway is also the Chief Education Officer for the Institute of Functional Medicine.  In this clip, Dr. Hanaway discusses how genes are modified by environmental signals.  Enjoy!! Click to view video.    

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Safe & Effective Products

By Mark Hoch, M.D.   Your Health and Safety is #1 at Family to Family Below is a link to an important article on nutritional/herbal supplements. At Family to Family we know that all products are not created equal and all companies are not of equal integrity. As seen here (NY Times and also in the […]

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