Natural Ways To Prevent and Treat Influenza

by Mark Hoch, M.D. Let’s look at natural ways to prevent and treat influenza and viral respiratory infections. Prevention: To keep your immune system strong eat a healthy diet, get regular exercise, proper rest with some relaxation time every day and adequate sleep (most people need about 8 hours). Organic, local, fresh food is optimal […]

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Seasonal Allergies got you down? Try these tips for natural relief…

by Susan Bradt, M.D. – Spring and summer are a beautiful time here in the mountains to enjoy hikes, picnics in the park and soak up the sunshine. If you suffer from allergies though, the season can also come with sniffling, congestion, puffy eyes, sinus pain and sometimes a general state of fatigue and misery. […]

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What’s All The Buzz About Honey Bees?

by Dr. Susan Bradt

These busy workers pollinate 80 percent of our flowering crops, which constitute 1/3 of everything we eat! Without them, we couldn’t grow the food we currently grow.

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