“It’s impossible” said pride.

“It’s risky”, said experience

“It’s pointless”, said reason

“Give it a try”, whispered the HEART

FREE Webinars and Functional Medicine Resources for COVID-19 and overall health with Patrick Hanaway, MD.

Dr. Patrick Hanaway has been leading a task force of amazing physicians and educators to create curated and grounded information for the public.  Don’t miss these free links, handouts, podcasts.


Virtual Visits for established and new patients

We want to participate in the efforts to flatten the curve while continuing to guide and care for you during this very vulnerable time.  It may feel harder to follow treatment plans or engage lifestyle behaviors to optimize your health.  You may have always wanted to see us for a comprehensive functional medicine consultation but lived too far away.  One blessing of COVID-19 is that we are not as restricted in being able to care for people long distance.


Listening Sessions w/ Dr. Lisa 

Some people are having trouble sorting through all the information, possibilities and feelings related to COVID- 19 and having challenges making decisions.  Lisa would love to help you find clarity and next steps in the midst of uncertainty.  This offer is for anyone.  No need to establish or commit to being an ongoing patient.


Sacred Fire

We serve as firekeepers for this international non-profit which supports humanity’s connection to heart through fire.  Sacred Fire is responding to the isolation and separation being asked of humanity during the time of the COVID-19 pandemic and also acknowledges the need to honestly look at and change systemic racism that leads to health inequity and injustice.  Fire can help us find more heart.

Wisdom Perspective Webinars

Wisdom and Practical Guidance for Times of Tremendous Change with Don David Wiley

Recorded Talking Circle with Wisdom Weavers:  Ilarion Merculieff and Susanne Swibold

Red Table Talk with Kahontakwas Diane Longboat and Pahan Pte San Win

Beautiful Writers Pod Cast with Joy Harjo, Poet Laureate (2019)