Listening – A sound basis for healthy relationships

Even before COVID – 19 became a pandemic, musician and sound-healing coach Daniel Barber designed a free online summit — “Your Music, Your Way”. He interviewed 30 different leaders, musicians, healers speaking on the topic of navigating mystery through improvising with sound — including me.

Based on the suggestion  from a mutual friend, Daniel asked to interview me for this summit. My first response was, “What could I contribute to this topic that would be helpful or meaningful;  especially given I’m not a musician or an expert on sound?” That was fear speaking and it felt BIG.  Then it dawned on me. I am being asked to find courage in the face of fear; we all are. Choosing courage in the face of doubt or difficulty has guided me well. Courage helps me listen and guide patients to fundamentally change their diet or lifestyle; look deeper; and let go in order to improve their own health and well being.

As I spent time exploring this topic, it became apparent that it would be best to speak about something I’m passionate about and experienced with — deeply listening to our relationship with ourselves, each other and the natural world. Through the process, I discovered that we all are musical, in our own way.

Little did I realize that 1 month later, a veil that’s been hiding our fears would be lifted all over the globe would.  We would be asked to pause and listen more deeply than perhaps we ever have before. I pray that we will use this opportunity to better tune ourselves as a species and make music together moving forward with life.  No doubt, we are interdependent.

I invite you to listen to a talk I gave Tuesday, March 17, 2020. Its a bit long (almost 90 minutes) so you may want to settle in with a cup of tea, go for a walk or listen while weeding your garden.  Don’t miss the poignant story I tell at the end of the interview.

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Another way to listen: Feel-think – A Simple Guide



Free Functional Medicine Resources for COVID-19:   My husband, Dr. Patrick Hanaway is leading a task force of amazing  physician leaders and educators to create grounded information for doctors and patients.

Listening Sessions with Dr. Lisa:  I would love to help you navigate life, COVID-19 or health in general in a deep, meaningful and relevant way. It starts with listening.

  • Let’s explore your concerns together in a space of deep listening (yes, via phone or video).
  • Open to the public. You do not need to commit to becoming a new patient to qualify.

Sacred Fire: This international non-profit supports humanity’s connection to heart through fire.  Sacred Fire responds to the isolation and separation being asked of humanity during the time of the COVID-19 pandemic by offering;

Mara’akame Rap:  Enjoy these lyrics to this song that I speak about in the video. Perhaps someday I’ll find the courage to record it.

Elders before us in your feathered hats

Thank you once again for showing us the path

To a life filled with purpose

Connection with Divine

Gratitude for everything

Including this rhyme.


I want to take a moment

And gift you with this songing

Cause  I want you to hear

That my hearts been longing

To express my deepest gratitude

That has no words.


Still I’m tryin to grasp

For something to say

That makes sense of

All the dismay, of our people

Who’ve you’ve come to help

Yeah our people

Really need your help.


You’ve made sacrifices

Beyond what we can see

This is the way the Gods

Want it to be.

To keep us humble and out of your mess

Trust our mara’akate to do their best

And let the Gods take

Care of the Rest 

Yeah let the Gods take Care of the rest.


Today we honor

You who came through

The door that was opened to the Place of the Blue

The Bulls gave their life blood

To open the eye

Of the needle you squeezed through

To help us get by

But the biggest sacrifice is yet come to come

Cause a mara’akame’s life is not their own.


Now let me  take a moment to say a bit more

Bout my husband who just walked through the door

Marakame Patrick, you’ve taught me so much

I still melt, when our lips touch.


I used to be stingy, with the bounty of our lives

Bitching at you to make things right

With our boys, our practice, and much other stuff

But there came a time when enough was enough.


Through your eyes

I can feel

An abundance of love

That is real

Moving through our hearts, our hearth and our home

And on into this life that the Gods have shown.


You’ve been through the fire

The gauntlet of the Gods

Came out a Shaman… what are the odds?

But this is NOT a game of math

with a soul (heart) like yours

you were born to walk this path.


Learn from these teachers

Healers and guides

Showing by example

An acceptance of life.


Brothers and Sisters we’ve all come here

To keep alive what is precious and dear

Huichol Ancestors have shown us the way

And we each play a part

In the Gods display.


Yo…. Say that again

Sista bring that again

Before this music comes to an end

That gratitude thing

Which makes life sing

How ‘bout you start

Where we each play a part.


Brothers and Sisters we’ve all come here

To keep alive what is precious and dear

Huichol Ancestors have shown us the way

And we each play a part

In the Gods display.


Thank you Grandfather Fire, Tatewari

La Laguna, the birds and the trees

The deer, the ocean, the sky and the stones

Thank you to the Gods for bringing us home.