Catching Babies: An Update from Dr. Lisa

By Lisa Lichtig, M.D. I want to let you know about a big transition in my work-life. It is with profound gratitude, excitement and also sadness that after 28 years of helping bring life into the world, I am ready to move on from “catching babies”.                   […]

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What’s All The Buzz About Honey Bees?

by Dr. Susan Bradt

These busy workers pollinate 80 percent of our flowering crops, which constitute 1/3 of everything we eat! Without them, we couldn’t grow the food we currently grow.

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Warm Farewell Note from Emily

The end of the summer brings a time of transformation, and as Five-Element Chinese Medicine refers to it, the fifth season, the season of the Earth element. This is when the fruits and vegetables are bursting forth with life, ready for harvest. There is an impending stillness and tranquility, as Summer so gradually turns to […]

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